By RaidersUnited 5 Dec 2016 14:17

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Where would i find my server-id? also would serveradminquery need to work in order for the web-interface to work as well? I'm currently running it on my computer would it be best to change it over to the Centos VPS that i own? the teamspeak server i own is from a hosting company.


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By Scrumplex 5 Dec 2016 15:13

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For the server id you would have to ask your hostijg provider. The web interface would work. Moving to a vps is in fact better.

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By RaidersUnited 8 Dec 2016 20:37

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Ok, so i've moved it to a vps, but the Server id doesn't work i keep getting an  error message

Error Log from 8_12_2016__15_37_16.
Custom message: There was an error while initializing the Sprummlbot.
net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.core.SprummlbotInitializationException: Unable to select server with ID 2166746!
    at net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.TS3Connection.connect(
    at net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.TS3Connection.access$100(
    at net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.TS3Connection$1.onConnect(
    at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.api.reconnect.ReconnectingConnectionHandler.onConnect(
    at com.github.theholywaffle.teamspeak3.TS3Query.connect(
    at net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.TS3Connection.initialize(
    at net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.Startup.start(
    at net.scrumplex.sprummlbot.Main.main(

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