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By Scrumplex 1 Jan 2016 21:15

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Hello in this thread I will show you how to install the Sprummlbot on a Debian and on a Windows System.

On both systems you will need this:

  • Java 8 or newer
  • Some knowledge


First of all we will need to install some packages:

apt-get update
apt-get install screen nano openjdk-8-jre

Then we will create a new user. I will name mine sprummlbot. We need a password here.

adduser sprummlbot

Then we will create a new folder at /opt/ named sprummlbot and give our sprummlbot user permission to do anything there

mkdir /opt/sprummlbot/
cd /opt/sprummlbot

After you did that you can log into that user (Don't use su. It wont work with screen)
After you logged in with that user we will go to our /opt/sprummlbot folder and download the Sprummlbot.

chown sprummlbot:sprummlbot /opt/sprummlbot/
su sprummlbot
wget -O Sprummlbot.jar

Now we are nearly done.
Our last step is to create the newest config files. The bot will automatically update the configs later.
NOTE: Stop the bot after that if it is runnign longer than 5 secs.

java -jar Sprummlbot.jar

As the very last step you could create a startscript for the bot:
Put this in a file named

#! /bin/bash
while true
  java -jar Sprummlbot.jar
  echo "Sleeping 3 seconds"
  sleep 3

and make it runnable with

chmod +x 

Then you could start the bot with

screen ./


First of all we will download Java
After you have installed it we will create a new folder.
I will name it Sprummlbot and put it on my desktop.
Then we will download the Sprummlbot … latest.php.
I will rename it to Sprummlbot (without the version) and put it in my folder.
Then I will open a comand line in that folder with Shift + Right Click (on a clear space in the folder) and click at Open Command Line here...
Then I will paste the following:
NOTE: Stop the bot after that if it is runnign longer than 5 secs.

java -jar Sprummlbot.jar

Now you can set the bot up. If you want a startscript you can download this one, put it in the folder of the sprummlbot and rename it to run.bat

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